Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Unnatural class leaders. Part 5

Le me talking to myself even on blog. inc uber awesome sexy Draenei priest and His, mine, our interview...

1. Could you introduce yourself (name, age, class, rl-job?)
    Hmm most of things are already on blog but nwm. My name is Milosh,  I have 23 years (few more months) I am playing priest since I joined Wow community and in real life I  am a graphic designer(wanna be) , student and graffiti artist. 
2. Tell us about when you started playing WoW and how it was back then?
    Well it was about 6 years ago me and my mate, wow name Xyrel we're borred with other games so we decide to try World of Warcraft. It was my first MMO game, so it was so funny and interesting at start. All that new zones you discover and new instance. I will never forget our first meeting with 2 hordes hehe that was so funny. And that hunger inside to try raids. We played from an internet cafe so it wasn't easy to level up and join some raiding guild.

3. Why did you choose your class?
    Well biggest question for my mate and me was what we're gonna play. So we decided to take one who will do damage and one who will heal, We resolve it like mature people (Stone, rock paper game) and  i was one who need to heal and priest was class which had heals so I made a sexy female priest
4. Do you remember any funny “fail” moment ?
    I will agree with Juha there was lots of fails. The biggest one was on start of my wow life when I wanted to learn to wear plate. Now I think it would be cool,  priest in plate mmmmmm
5. Please describe how you prepair for progress raids?
      This one is big one, Well coz of my UI I can't play cataclysm  beta raids till they come on live servers. Study fights on begining is hard as there are no vids to help till some top guild relise them. So  before this Dungeon journal I spend lot of time on Wowwiki. I didn't love to watch Tank spot vids, only vid from them was Nax Immortal. I find this videos like guide for idiots (sorry) but joy is when you feel fight and then after wiping I go to sleep and think what could be done to avoid wipe.
When I get tactics and all information about my role in fight flasks, potions feast are next on list.
6. How important are addons for you( DBM, recount custom GUI etc)?
     I refuse to use DBM! Its killing game. But my GUI is very important for me, I can't raid with normal frames, which is bad but my custom UI helps me a lot. Addons what I use are Grid, the best for raid frames (but not for spine of DW) then Bartender (keybinds!!!), then there is RSA, addon which say in raid what spell i use ( use for GCD and show me who clicked on my lightwell ) and Recount, healing meters mean to me allot.

7. From your point of view: What makes up a good WoW player?
      I will quote Killashandre "Dedication and helpfulness". If you are dedicated and use your brain. Sadly lot of us wait raid leader to guide us, i mean lot of us, sometimes even me, even I know fight very well.

8. If you could change three things in WoW, what would these be?
    Gearing up should be like before, so you can't do end game raid if you didn't farm raids before that one.
    Merge realms so we don't have 10k players on each then more, so it give bigger guilds more chance to recruit new members
   25men raids are 25men raids and 10men are just gear boost for 25men

9. What do you think about the recent changes for your class?
    I like how  priests look now, Still we lack some better or cheaper heals but its ok. Nothing to complain.

10. Does performance and seriousness other players in guild  satisfies your expectations?
Huh, you will hate me but i am not 100% happy with performance, we are top guild and we have top players on realm. But I feel we don't give 100% of us. Ok we had bad period but now its over and our performance should be 120% now.
11. Besides WoW, what other games do you enjoy? What MMORPGs have you playing?
Hmm at this moment only Quake 3 ( still fapping on Hunter) and Minecraft.

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