Cold and evil Northrend

Often called "the roof of the world", Northrend is a frozen wasteland that lies far to the north. As with the other continents, it was once part of the original Kalimdor landmass that was broken apart during the Sundering. The land that became Northrend drifted far from Azeroth's temperate zone, which killed off a large portion of the remaining wildlife.
A particularly hardy breed of insectoid-humanoids, the Aqir, had survived the destruction. After thousands of years of evolution, the Aqir became the Nerubians: a sinister, shadowy race of spider-men. While a few humans and trolls eked out survival in small encampments, their presence was no match for the Nerubian Empire.
Silvya and Timeless Souls were on a new quest in Northend.When Lich King remade Naxxaramas and made keepers of the Necropolis stronger then ever, Timeless souls guild knew what there job was. First they must gear up and get better experience so they can fight against the Lich Kings army without any lost.
finely they were ready and the fight started, First plan was to kill the master of Nerubians called Anub'Rekhan and other two bosses in the Spider wing, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna the biggest spider that the world has ever seen, her web was so strong for lot of heroes who atack her and they all were wrapped in her chamber.Heroes achieved to kill Maexxena in 20 min after Anub'Rekhan death.

They hurried up to the next wing without any rest.First Boss was a strong abomination Pathcwerk and they have only 6 minutes to kill him, after 6 minutes he will enrage and kill them all.Fight was hard, every hero did the best of his class and Timeless killed fat abomination for amazing 3 minutes. Grubbulus and Gluth died also very easy. Now team was in front of Thaddius chamber.Some people wasn't sure in wining because Thaddius had terible debuff, and if you stay near other players with opposing electricity you will die,but Timeless know that and few minutes later Thhadius was just one more dead Lich King keeper. Gothik the Harvester, Heigan the Unclean, Four Horsemen, Instructor Razuvious, Loatheb, Noth the Plaguebringer died the same night.
"Ah finnely we are safe now,World is safe now" were the words of those heroes. But then they heard some strange voice
"You have no idea what horrors lie ahead. You have seen nothing! The frozen heart of Naxxramas awaits you!"
Thouse were the words of Master of Naxxaramas Kel'Thusad.
Heroes decided to go home and come back tomorrow with bigger focus.

They did that.Before Kel'Thusad they first had to kill Sapphiron, Kel'Thuzad's gigantic frost wyrm guardian, they didnt know about this when they enter Kel'Thusad room,but they could not go out now. With great communication and skill frost wyrm fell apart and only bones stayed in the middle of the room.Kel'Thusad was in front of them.
"Pray for mercy!" words that echoed in the cold,cold room.
Silvya,Nyra,Tashaka,Spodnick,Vaster,Pals,Togon,Ammera,Grathor and Leclisse charged into the fight.Soon world heard about the Glory if Naxxaramas raiders but there is no rest for evil and Timeless Souls knew that...