Storming the Citadel

Even new in the team Silvya knew what her job is and she tried to do best she can.
First time when she entered Lord Marrowgars room she was scared but in same time all that ice and cold brought memories of all fallen heroes who died in fight with Kel'Thusad.Unnatural was ready for fight.Gremperor grate elf hunter yell: "Nightfang destroy that fool!!" And fight started.Once again Alliance won,once again Silvya felt power and in the same time was hungry of fights with Lich King followers....
Lady Deathwhisper,ah Lady Deathwhisper, she almost tricked them with her abilities but even her mind control wasn't that strong against Unnaturals army and she join Lord Marrowgare, she became one more name of ex evil boss.While team moved to the next wing High Overlord Saurfang atack them with other ship and try to kill,but skilled heroes destroy it also.Saurfang was sure that he can atack and defeat brave alliance.Fight was long many of heroes died,some one was dead but even then didn't stop Unnatural.High ranked druids rebound some fallen heroes and fight moved the end Saurfang died,and he died before he casted Mark of the Fallen Champion on our heroes