Doom of Timeless Souls

When heroes were in their best light, skilled and ready for the final atack to the Lich King and his army, things got bad.First some of the heroes left the team, then, the rest lost will to fight for the alliance.There was lot of negative comments and people make big presure on Nashira. As an officer of the guild and high respected in her class Sivlya also became a target of these atacks, and not atacks from evil or something like that, she became a target from her friends. from the guild.
In that moment presure was getting bigger and bigger, everyone expected glory and gold but no one was ready to give part of them.Timeless souls lost more and more people every day some one died from fights,some left the guild in way to find better one.That made officer job even more harder, once great home of heroes, Timeless become home of casual warriors and mortals who think only on easy way to the glory,Nashira know that,Silvya know that but they could do anything about that,only sit and wacth there own doom
Silvya didn't have choise. she decided to hit hard and keep people who are loyal and who respected the guild. But that didnt go as it was planed. Even some officers didn't like that decision and it looked like they turn there back also.Silvya agonize to bring back good old Timeless Souls.
But now it is only a name from the past...Heroes gone. Sad Nashira move to the Moonglade and try to get over it but it was deep inside her.
Back to the holy priest Silvya. As ex Officer of ex Guild Silvya and her friend Nightfang,great druid tank wellknow all over Azeroth found new home in Unnatural.

Unnatural was a group of people what Timeless souls had before,not the same ones,but people with same skills and attitude, Silvya was very happy with them welcomed and with treatment what Unnatural heroes give to her and her friend.
For the first time Silvya would feel the big fight against Lich King army,but she was ready for it!
When she joined Unnatural she was thinking how good hero she is,but after few days she see how bigger and stronger heroes exist, and that gave her even bigger motivation to become better in her job.
Guild Leader Saphone sexy mage from Stormwind showed her in what direction to go if she wanted to become the best priest that Azeroth can have.
Fight begined, end of Evil incoming....