In to the Burning Crusade

When Evil side Open the Black Portal and allowed travel to Outland Silvya found her destiny in that. First of all the new things and all thouse new creatures made her very scared, first time she didn't feel like at home.She discovered Friendly camp Honor Hold. After helping people their leader of Honor Hold told her to search for the capital city of Shattrath where alliance and horde live together. "Together it's impossible!" thouse were the words of Silvya first time, Fighting her way to the neutral city silvya passed throu few areas of danger and fear. So many demons and undead were there, but finely she saw the gates of Shattrath City, Friendly guardians told her where to go and report her arrival, what she did.
But that friendly place wasn't so friendly,to stay and get bigger reputation Silvya had to do lots of quests, to show her skill and get items that will help her in the future fights.She was sure that that fight will be against Necropolis and it boss Kel'Thuzad.
But she was wrong people in Outland totally forgot about Necropolis and evil in Kalimdor and Eastern Kindgoms.Here was bigger evil Illidan.
Inside Black Temple behind his guards was the biggest evil what world ever seen.Silvya knows that she will not be ready for that big fight so she went back to Eastern Kingdoms to the dark place called Karazhan where she meet Hunter called Nyra,friendly female Night Elf who offered Silvya to join Her guild Timeless souls and fight with them.After leaving Thunder Ale Silvya wasn't sure what she wants, so first she declined the invitation and joined another guild who needed Silvya's help.
Soon she seen that it was wrong and all that greedy bustards in guild called Rumsey Rumblers with Leader Joppy,who was ex officer of Thunder Ale,Silvya left them and and tried to fight alone,but real heroes don't fight alone,only idiots die alone.Nyra proposed her to join Timeless Souls.In first place Silvya was afraid of people in Timeless Souls, she was sure that are all like Rumsey Rumblers but when Nyra told her that she was very good friend with Illivien and that she know Illivien better then anyone else,even better then Silvya it was that.Silvya knew that she was home.
Finely her journey began with Nyra,brave Hunter of Darnassus,Pals hero of Stromwind, and Nayai paladin whos skills are well know over all continents.
When they entered Karazhan there was only one way, WIN!.
"We are ready for Illidan" ware words of people in Timeless Souls.But it wasn't like that.When they come inside Black Temple fight with first boss was hard and few of people died but "we shouldn't stop now" was words in raid so dead people ware replaced and the raid went on. On the second boss it was even harder, more people died and Timeless Souls retreat in shame, but it was better in shame then dead.They decided to gear up and then come back with bigger chance for win.
It will be continued...