Return of Almighty Hunter and his Paladin friend

Silvya couldn't believe when she heard about great news. Nyra almighty hunter and Silvyas the best friend is back,Her weak body was found somewhere in dark forest near Darnassus.Local people talk that one tauren druid bring nyras body near gates of the city and lay it down.Why that tauren bring her body there? Did he save it? Did he kill it and bring it like trophy? Who is that tauren? Where was Nyra all this time? Those are questions what you can hear in city. Unfortunately story don't have happy end. Nyra was basically dead when they find her and with help of great shamans, paladins and priest they revive her but her knowllage is lost,She will need more training and practice to get on feet and shy like she shine before.

When Silvya heard that news she was very happy and grateful becouse Gods give one more chance to Nyra.In that moment Silvya meets his old,well not the oldest but one of the oldest friends,Pals.
Yes you probable heard about Pals,retribution Paladin,face with smile,voice who will always bring joy in you mind and very very loyal friend who was with Silvya and Nyra all the time.If you remember old story about Thunder Ale,Pals was one of the officers and he was one who teach them everything. If you remember old fights in Karazatan Pals was there.If you remember Naxxaramas days Pals was there.He become one part of all that crew. He also gone,without reason and without telling anything but now he is back....