Hero was born!

26/05/06 in a small village in Elwynn Forest,Eastern Kingdoms, called Northshire Abbey a priest was born, called Silvya. And she started her adventures with her best friend rogue Illivien all over Northshire Abbey.They merge there skills and power to help people in that area.Their skill became bigger and bigger and finally they decided to leave Northshire and go outside in the evil world, but they didn't know whats outside,they didn't know for all that evil that destroyed all humanity all over Kalimdor and Easter Kingdoms. In search for dangerous quests they met brave Elf Hunter Joopy. He asked them to join his guild called "Thunder Ale" and with them make the world a better place for living, and also make beer cheaper.

They were a powerfull team, everyone knew that where Thunder ale passed, evil never came.

Suddenly, the ways of two good friends went into different directions. Illivien was a little tired of all that fighting and travel, so she decided to stay with Thunder Ale friends and drink, and have fun,and enjoy the world even if its not perfect.
In the meanwhile Silvya discovered dangerous Dungeons and raids in Kalimdor and Easter Kingdom. Fighting with bosses in Black Rock Spire, Black Wing Lair with a plan to gear up for incoming raid on Onyxia in her Lair on Kalimdor. Suddenly there came bigger evil then all of them, Necropolis.An ancient Nerubian ziggurat, Naxxramas was torn free from the ground by agents of the Lich King to serve as Kel'Thuzad's base of operations as he spreads the plague throughout Lordaeron.Other sources say Obrahiim, the Traveler, a great skeletal architect, was pivotal in the conception of Naxxramas, hinting that it was altered or retooled.
But she wasnt ready for that.
IT will be continued