Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Group up

Icecrown citadel was a cruel place and many of the heroes died, Unnatural lose many good solders but it wasn't end. Many forgot about great druid Ravatar whose skills are bigger then some higher ranked druids in Azeroth.Silvya and Nightfang made presure on Ravatar to join them in fight against biggest evil in the world. "I am not sure" he said, "i need to train my apprentice Lolei young shaman who will later help with destroying Icecrown. At the end Ravatar was part of Unnatural.

Once again story lead us to the two elves Nashira,almighty druid and Grathor master of forest.Silvya decided to ask them to join Unnatural but Gods once again had different plans. Believe or not but they didnt die like some people talk, acctualy they reincarnated but not like two elves,they were Tauren and Troll, no one knowes the real reason for that but its like that. They know that they are not part of the alliance anymore,who would respected them if they looked like that and the only way was to find friends in the Horde.Silvya saw Nashira a few times in the capital city, better knows as Dalaran,but she couldn't believe in that,till once nashira showed her their secret sign and that was the biggest shock in Silvyas history. Her best friend become a cow.How it is possible, how, how , was the questions from silvya but Nashira didn't understand any word of that,she just nod with head and give one big hug....

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