Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Holy 3.0 Talent Build

Here is talent build what i use in raids:

From my point of view this build is made for raid healing and backup healing on tanks,and reduse damage on caster.Healing Focus is also good for Raid fights even some1 say that is pure pvp talent.but that reduce is very helpfull.Also I chose Spell Warding instead of Devine Fury but only 4 points on that, so i have 1 point on Desperate Player.Very useful thing.
Empowered Renew VS Test of Faith. Like u see my build have Empowered Renew 3/3 but i have Test of Faith 2/3. Lot of priests use Test of Faith 3/3 but i thinks its wasted talent. First ask yourself how much players go under 50%.and if we talk about player who have 30k HP pool so 8% will be 2400 hp 3600 hp. so its not big deal. 3/3 on Improve renew look more useful coz u use renew all the time even if targer on 5$ or 99%

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