Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 20 Geared Healers on Legion Alliance Side

1 Zaera Holy Paladin Avatars of Torment
2 Koil Holy Paladin Avatars of Torment
3 Qeal Discipline Priest Resolve
4 Marusha Restoration Shman Avatars of Torment
5 Kittz Restoration Druid Unnatural
6 Avernerand Holy Paladin Avatars of Torment
7 Jacyntha Discipline Priest Unnatural
8 Athrun Holy Paladin Unnatural
9 Lindow Restoration Shaman
10 Takahashi Discipline Priest Avatars of Torment
11 Drypher Restoration Druid Disillusion
12 Saydra Restoration Shaman Disillusion
13 Riha Discipline Priest Resolve
14 Winnetou Restoration Shaman
15 Missmarce Holy Paladin Avatars of Torment
16 Rejoyce RestorationShaman Husaria
17 Silvya Holy Priest Unnatural
18 Ymi Restoration Shaman Real Men Wear Pink
19 Praisser Holy Priest The Rumsey Rumblers
20 Nogranis Holy Paladin Disillusion


  1. this is a bunch of lies!!! i should be first:)


  2. Btw very nice blog:) keep it u... and come back already, we missed you:D