Tuesday, September 21, 2010

one nice week with pug icc10

Yup its end of week, and coz i didnt get inv for LK 10hc i decide to pug, i dont need anything from gear or achievements, so i just join for fun and meet some new ppl, it always ands bad,but this time it was totaly diffrent.I got inv from Legio Glacialis guild first night when i join it was basicly guild run 8/10 ppl was from that guild and we start normaly lord marogar, LDW, then decide to do gunship on hc but we didnt do it(i think,anyway isnt matter) then we did saurfang,fester,roth u know how it going.Then we try professor, at begining it was hard, lot of wiping but ppl wasnt prepere for that at all i think, and if i am not sure it was there first time there.I share my knowlage with them and it was so nice to see that 9 ppl lissen u and folow ur "instructions" and ofc we killed professor like it was deadmines, then we had lil problems on sindy but also shy die,there was few replace Taavi and Marco join us and now we are on lich King,sadly we didnt kill it tihs week but Legio Glacialis will exend raid and i hope he will die next week or shall i say this week coz its wensday :)
So i would love to tanx to Legio Glacialis with nice and plasent run with them,and big thanx to my ppl who also help, Taavi, Marco, Harry who join us also. Its so nice to see there is few more nice ppl.

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  1. Hi Milos,

    im Holy ^^, first of all thanks so much for all that you have done in this raid and also to the others guys of Unnatural that have help us!!!
    We are killing LK mainly thanks to your intervention ;) . You and these others guys will have always a open door in Legio Glacialis, just ask and we will be happy to help you too with pleasure. It's always nice to see people like you: prepared, skilled, friendly and positive and with tons of patient too.

    To soon,

    Legio Glacialis.