Monday, February 21, 2011

P.O.G and You

When your guild members are busy or in rare situations you are only alive and you realy need that VP coz you haven't done random heroic instance in World Of Warcraft only solution is to Pug a group,oh nooooooo!!We don't wanna that.We are to L33t for such a thing
So I made small intervie with my friends and I ask them what they look when they join in random HC with pug group.
First me. When I join first thing what I look are titles and guild ranks ( there is one good addon for guild rank). For example if there is player with Dragonslayer title that mean he is pro or u see player with guild rank (noob or a friend) that don't mean that that player is noob, it just mean that he is not special like Dragonslayer and he will proly do less dmg or be low on tps if he is tank. In most cases my theory is true. But there was situation where u have very skilled and geared dps who can do dps for 3 average instance geared players but he start qq on other dps who arent geared like him/she and leave or vote kick other player, or even better act OP and take aggro from tank who leave coz of frustration.

Most ppl use addons called gear score and its kinda good thing if u know to use me and my friend talk at end of Wotlk when everyone spam gear score on trade and act "mine is bigger then yours" You can have player with big GS who don't have gems/enchant (talking about end of wotlk when every1 had 264 items even biggest idiots who don't know own spells and abilities).

As healer its very important for me that I have good tank with nice HP and avoidance, and if he know to use his own cd for less dmg then its awesome. In that case we can hope that our dps will be good for place we are and they will not stand in bad stuffs on floor.

When i watch from tank position its very important that i have dps who WAIT that I make some threat on targets. We all know that dps must be frst or they will lose there moral so they must attack before combat start so they can get some extra damage done on target. But Milosh is bastard and he just let them die on start (in case its one dps, in case its all 3 then I am using all my cd for threat and hope healer willl heal up ppl who are got hit.

When i ask my friends about what they look when they join i got next answers:

On of healers what I asked told me that he look names and if there is name Killalotofhorde then that players is some noob. Also look at gear, general, what pieces and such, and then do they have any enchants and hoes geming.

Other Healer told me that he look on tank HP ( we agree on that) and yes its very funny when u have tank who have less HP then u as healer.

When i asked ppl who play dps classes and roles I got same answer about tank,but this time not tank hp,they just look on tank tps. I must say here that I as healer don't like this. Look sometimes ur healer maybe he is not good for ur idea of taking aggro and tanking. Some ppl simply don't care,they come and do there job the best they can.

Answer what i really like was from one of friends who playing every role and almost every class in wow :P and he said that he waching healer and what classes he got coz of buffs in grp.

Most ppl will agree that tank HP and healer mana is what make them leave or stay and for most important part what only one friend answer was Responsible People who know to play in grp not single overpowered player who think he can solo that place.
Which make sense, if u have grp with resposnible ppl u will not see ungeared player for that place (God bless Blizzard item lvl limit) or non enchanted or gemmed

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