Friday, February 17, 2012

Walking through Dragon Soul- Part 2

So we down normal Dragon soul encounter. It wasn't that easy as I expected. We lost lot of players. that few weeks in new year wasn't the best raiding weeks for us. People who quit did it in worst time when they could do it. Our progress drop, moral of people who raid was low, healer wasn't happy ether do I. We lost 3 class leaders. It was so bad. One of Class Leaders didn't quit game just gone on other realm with his main but he was with us as much as he could, raiding with his main and then helping us was very hard from my side of few, and telling us some tricks and tips made our fights bit easier. From day I join guild i found Zaritha as a good player, well most of time when we raid together I could only say i wish I am like this guy.
Still people was unhappy and people who didn't quit was on edge. Someone new quit every time I woke up and visit our forum (as it some morning ritual, woke up, turn on pc, check MMO check forum then go to wash my teeth and dress). In one point I wasn't sure what will be with guild. I tried to talk with Saphone to see how he feels and also to offer my 100% support That period was like real cataclysm

We tried to recruit new people but its very hard on realm like Scarshield Legion. So many talks with potential members but none of them could be part of our team. I was afraid that Saphone will desperate and that he will accept anyone. Lucky for us he didn't . Few weeks we did 10men raid to farm gear and practice. We down Spine and Madness sadly it was 8th kill on realm but what we could do. Also it wasn't problem only with us, Real Men Wear Pink also lack some people, same with Dissilusion and Aftermath which stop 25men and continue DS on 10men. Just a thought we gonna do 10men was to much for me. I even think if guild decide to do 10men i would leave realm and go for some 25men guild. Once again luck was on my side, We start 25men raids again and it was very nice,but our main tanks decide to quit, and it was almost in same time, So still with alt tanks we couldn't do that much till they don't get some nice gear. we had few 10men raids in free time, after Monday raid to kill bosses who are alive or hc Morchok. After few weeks we did HC Morchok 25 and moral gone up. People was happy but still we lack something. 
We lose realm first race, maybe on start but I am glad we try it. from my point of few lot of people in guild don't care that much, still we have elitist raiders on server, but even they sometimes slack, doing some stupid mistakes or coming not prepare make me very angry.
Even there are some bad things and people are leaving we meet new one and some old come back 
I was very happy when  Koil come back and our fat bear Myrthralas is comming back.It will be awesome. Still our raids would be boring without Pewpea who always keep good spirit on vent channel with her jokes.I love my team so much, even when i am very sad one joke can make me feel much better. I still miss some people like Nightfang, Lindow, Kazubla, Pyrax, Mahony Athrun and it would be awesome to see them again in game, to raid side by side, if not in this expansion then in next one :)

I would like to thanks to others people in this guild who are also big part of my wow life, Killashandre guy who I will never catch with achievement points, his dedication is so big and i respect that alot. Mpouloukos my favorite shaman, T-bagers Attias and Ixx, one more reason to stay alive so you don't feel there balls on your face, tireless Saphone who lead us even he is ill or have a exam day after raid. Gremperor always there for some dirty job hehe plus Lumine my biggest rival in healing at this moment. Nongi who teach me alot about PVP, Burnan one of the rare people who are always there to help, and that evil mages who troll us with Exodar portals after raid.Also I cant forget Zisu who is one big team player even I didn't like him in Icc days, because  I was sure he is some smart ass but later i figure out I am wrong, apology for that. This team is more valuable then any achievement or any realm kill. This people make this game worth all this money we spend. 
Thank you my friends :)

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