Friday, February 17, 2012

Walking through Dragon Soul- Part 1

After solid progression in Firelands I expected we will do a nice progress in next raid what will come. When Blizzard announce new raid Dragon Soul with end game boss Deathwing it was very cool.
Knowing fact that lot of 10men guilds will have better progress then guilds who are doing 25men raids our raid leader and guild master Saphone decide to go for realm first kills. I was surprised with that but still very happy.Whole  time Unnatural was one of leading guilds on realm, almost all our kills was in top 3 from Wotlk days but we never said: "Lets run for realm first."
So it begin. Knowing that we need to be very fast in progress first day we start with LFR (Looking for a Raid) difficulty. It was good to get some common fight information and some gear, as 4set bonuses was very good for every class. Only first wing was unlocked and we clear it very fast. There was few funny wipes when we wasn't 100% sure what need to be done but we done it.

Its 18:30. that day i had some test in school but I wanted to raid so much so I skip school. Raid start little late about 19:00 as we already know fights on LFR Normal progress wasn't that hard. We killed Morchok on second try. Second boss was Zon'ooz with maybe 2-3 wipes he died also same as Yor'sahj in that moment I heard that we killed this bosses before everyone else on realm. It was so great moment.  I know deep in inside that we cant get Madness as people probably didn't learn the fight. I will be honest I also didn't watch videos or       study tactics for Spine and Madness. Anyway we had small brake and after that we killed Haggara. Haggara was so awesome boss encounter. Most of fights in Cata don't have any challenge and joy in same time but Haggara do. Most of raids was happy with fight and later with boss kill.Next boss was Ultraxion. Ultraxion is the fifth boss to appear in the Dragon Soul raid. He is so monstrous that he cannot land atop Wyrmrest Temple, so players must stand on the ledge and battle him as he flies next to the temple. First week you was allow to do only first 4 bosses in LFR so when we start fight most of people didn't know what to do. Fight was very hard as this was was gear check. Our dps was low so even when we didn't hit enrage timer our healers couldn't keep raid alive so we wipe. I wasn't happy with wiping. Even if people know that we going for realm first they didn't take time to study fights. Waiting raid leader to teach you how to  fight is so frustrating for me.
Lucky for us other guilds also had problem with Ultraxxion. After Monday raid we decide to take 10men raid and do as much as we can,even people was tired we menage to kill Ultraxxion, which was very easy on 10men if you compare with 25men. and we had about 2h wiping on Blackhorn and finely we killed him also. few tries on Spine but we didn't make it. Its Wednesday, servers are up, Saphone making LFR grp for secon part of Dragon Soul, as most of us had experience with Blackhorn and Spine it already was 50% people who will not fuck up. It was extremely easy to kill Blackhorn and Spine. On Madness we didn't have clue what to do so we just start fight and funny thing was that we get boss down to few % and then we wipe.On second try we killed it. In chat wasn't joy and happiness. People was sad how easy is raid and how it ends.

I know that its not over, most of people talk how easy is Dragon Soul and how funny it is but they don't understand that normal progress isn't important anymore, real challenge is in heroic. Only people who do them have rights to say this fight is easy and this fight is not, for a rest I think they should stop complaining about LRF and Normal and do some real raid.

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