Saturday, February 18, 2012

Interview with guild members - Guild Leader Saphone

Starting from now I will make a small interview with our members about there point of view and how they see future of WoW and our guild.
We will start with our guild master Saphone, old school player who dedicated most of his game time to lead our guild. Someone would say its a easy job to do, just order and people will do. But its not that simple.
Leading a casual guild is one thing, most of job is to avoid drama in guild and be there for your members but leading a one of top raiding guilds on realm request lot of strength. Not that you must avoid any drama, all tough decisions. So here are few questions for our master :)

1. What is the leadership structure of your guild? 
- This is a tough question. Ultimately I have the final say on every matter, but I often ask my class leaders for advices and give them
pretty much free reign in most cases. However on fights such as heroic Maloriak or heroic Yor'sahj where certain more AoE focused specs are superior 
to others I of course make sure that both the class leaders and their minions play that spec.

2. How do you ensure applicants are what your guild need?
- I look for many things in an applicant. Ever since WotLK gearing became so easy and trivial that often when people ask me about what gear they need to be
able to join, I answer that it's not important, because the thing is that if you dedicate yourself to it gearing only really takes a couple of days. 
However there are a couple of key things I look after in an applicant. Knowledge of their class and the game, raiding experience, attitude, motivation,
hunger for progression and humour all weigh VERY heavily in my books. Having someone applying without having the correct spec, glyphs, gemming, reforging
or enchanting and so on really ring my alarm bells.

3. How have you selected officers in the past and how will you do it in the future?
- There are a couple of key factors when I look into what people to approach to become officers or class leaders. First of all I want the selected person
to have been in the guild for a while, which of course proves loyalty. I also look into how the selected person have been behaving and performing since
he or she joined. I then also look after contributions to the guild, both raiding wise, structure wise and social wise. It's important for me that the 
person I choose fit in and I am sure that he or she will contribute.

4. Has your guild evolved since its origins and in what ways?
- Wall of text inc! This guild was formed on June 27th 2008 which was early/mid TBC by me and my friend from other games Fabrixio, who played a 
Dwarf Hunter. We knew right away that we wanted to be a raiding guild so we started out with recruiting people (the only two people that are left from 
this era is Lariia/Zisu, Myself and Ettan who is not actively playing but taking care of administrative things with the web site, dkp system and 
other things). I remember that in our very first raid we wiped on the trash before the first boss in Karazhan, Attumen the Huntsman, until it respawned 
and then we called the raid. Good times! After a while we cleared Karazhan but we set out goals higher and wanted to be a 25 man guild. This took a while
 and a couple of failed attempts at 25 man raiding (half our guild, half pugs etc) we got angry, but it didn't stop us. After the 30% nerf hit in TBC we
were approached by a guild called the Covenant that made 25 man raids to difficult content with several other guilds and they asked us if we wanted to tag
 along, which of course we did! So together we cleared Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, SSC, TK and even managed 4/5 in MH and 5/9 in BT. Once Wrath of the Lich King
hit the Covenant were no longer interested in working together with us, so we were left on our own again. After a few successful Naxx 25 pugs I met people from a guild called WrG.
After having some very nice conversations we decided to start some kind of raiding co-op with them instead. We cleared out Naxx 25, Malygos 25 and even OS 25+3D (in early Ulduar).
I missed this kill after four weeks of progress which kind of sucked, but I was still very happy for the guys! After approximately halfway through Ulduar
Unnatural and WrG had a fight which made us go separate ways, but luckily our progress had made a couple of people interested in joining, and that was when we had our first 25 man raid!
We continued to get better, recruit new people and progress through the tier and here we are today, getting better for every day.

5. What is the biggest issue that guild had to deal with? 
- Tough question. There has never been very much issues but lately we had a few people leave shortly after christmas which was kind of annoying.

6. What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a guild leader?
- Definatly the step from 10 man to 25 man. It just felt impossible to recruit enough people to be able to raid 25 mans but at the same time I burned to
make sure my guild would be as successfull as the other 25 man guilds on the realm during that time such as Aftermath, Avatars of Torment, Conscience, Closed Circle, 
Echoes of Lordaeron, the Exiles, Twilight and surely a couple of others that I cannot remember. Taking the step from 10 man to 25 man was always my goal with this guild,
And the day I took it was amazing.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you say is the average skill level of the player base in your guild?
- I think we are kind of underestimated since we lost a month of progress (refer to question 5). I am going to have to answer 8.

8. What is the biggest challenge your guild has faced?
- Another tough question. Heroic Putricide 25 was tough. Yogg-Saron 25. We actually wiped a LOT on Thorim 25 while we killed Mimiron 25 on the first night of progress.

9. How do you deal with guild drama?
- This is a very hard question to answer because we very rarely have any drama. I guess I sort it out, one way or another!

10. For you what is reason for kicking player from your guild?
- We have had several reasons. People behaving very badly, people performing badly, people that doesn't care about the guild, only about themselves.

11. What is the biggest issue that you have had to deal with?
- I think same as question 5.

12. In your opinion what are guild's leader's weaknesses?
- I think many guild leaders work to hard to be friends with everyone (or exactly the opposite).

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