Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Unnatural class leaders

Here are few questions for our class leaders so lets hear there answers. Questions are same for all but answers are not :) Lets start with Warlock class leader Killashandre.

1. Could you introduce yourself (name, age, class, rl-job?) 
    Mark, 40 years old, class warlock.Work as royal mail distribution driver.

2. Tell us about when you started playing WoW and how it was back then? 
     6 and a half years ago around june time. 

3. Why did you choose your class? 
    I started a priest but got bored with healing when i wanted to be shadow 
    so roled a lock so i could only dps. 
4. Do you remember any funny “fail” moment ? 
    lots of them mainly with friends in TBC instances but none i can put into words. 
5. Please describe how you prepair for progress raids? 
      Watch videos, and read tactic forums like looking2raid 
      make sure the guild bank has what we need in the way of suplies like fish    for feasts or flasks for cauldrons 

6. How important are addons for you( DBM, recount custom GUI etc)? 
     I use only a few addons to keep lag to a minimum,DBM and fortex are the main ones,i also have omen and recount 

7. From your point of view: What makes up a good WoW player? 
      Dedication, and helpfulness

8. If you could change three things in WoW, what would these be? 
      I would want old schools servers,e.g. locked at level 60 classic mode,or lvl 70 TBC mode,with out any of the new content use able and using talents as they was. 
9. What do you think about the recent changes for your class? 
      Blizzard seem to think we should all be demonology locks with the gear they have made heavliy avaliable to the class,and for alffiction they have added more to an already packed rotation.and I don't like these changes 
10. Does performance and seriousness other players in guild  satisfies your expectations?
11. Besides WoW, what other games do you enjoy? What MMORPGs have you playing?
I play strategy games like total war,civilization 4,rpg games like dragon age and elder scrolls,as for mmos i have played lord of the rings and star wars 

Thank you for your time Mark.

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