Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Unnatural class leaders. Part 2

Second but not less important class leader is Gremperor Hunter class leader.

1. Could you introduce yourself (name, age, class, rl-job?) 
             Greg, 23, Hunter ofc, Student - Car Mechanic - Taekwondo Referee

2. Tell us about when you started playing WoW and how it was back then?
             About 3 months before BC expansion and damn was is hard

3. Why did you choose your class? 
             I love elves and ranges
4. Do you remember any funny “fail” moment ?
             Disengaging off climbs and dying when falling inside water pools from a height

5. Please describe how you prepair for progress raids?
             Meditation, youtube and lots of prayer for no lag

6. How important are addons for you( DBM, recount custom GUI etc)?
             Allows me to focus on the important stuff and keep it nice, clean and in front of me

7. From your point of view: What makes up a good WoW player?
             Ability to learn from your mistakes and effort to go beyond good

8. If you could change three things in WoW, what would these be?
             Less RNG on stuff like mount drops, less boring rep grinding, and more hunter tokens

9. What do you think about the recent changes for your class?

10. Does performance and seriousness other players in guild  satisfies your expectations?
             When it exists we are one of the best

11. Besides WoW, what other games do you enjoy? What MMORPGs have you playing?
             Lots of RPG, "Skyrim"!, League of Legends and Assassin's Creed. 

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