Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Unnatural class leaders. Part 3

T-Bag master and warrior class leader Attias!

Interview with a class leader

1. Could you introduce yourself (name, age, class, rl-job?) 
  Melvine de Keijser 23 years old, live in the Netherlands, studying Law Enforcments, Playing Warrior

2. Tell us about when you started playing WoW and how it was back then?
 2006, I was still getting used to the whole MMO-RPG genre, so was a bit of a nab
3. Why did you choose your class?
I love melee classes, always have, Warrir seemed like the right choice, been loving it ever since
4. Do you remember any funny “fail” moment ?
 Hahaha, sort of. Was a fail moment turning into awesome sauce moment tho'. I tanked Hakkar in ZG with a Scarlet Monastery shield and a lvl 40 blue helmet from RFD. Had really crap hear, healers managed to keep me alive. Win. Back in in Vanilla, might I add, just turned 60
5. Please describe how you prepair for progress raids?
Watch a vid so I know the basics, stack up on potions, make sure my gear's gemmed and enchanted etc.Stack up on cookies and yummy drinks. More imortant even
6. From your point of view: What makes up a good WoW player?
Proper knowledge of English as a start, the rest you can learn
7. If you could change three things in WoW, what would these be?
 Hard one.Hard to answer tbh, there's lots that I don't agree with. But I don't have a solution for it without it affecting the entire game. Glad I don't work for Blizzard

8. What do you think about the recent changes for your class?
They're alright, don't mind that much :>
9. Does performance and seriousness other players in guild  satisfies your expectations?
  Seriousness is point of view, I like people being humorous. Perfomance is a bit lacking at time As long as the humor doesn't affect performance. For example. It's all good I don't know what's affecting our performance as of late, I'm guessing it has to do with "seriousness". As in people not properly reading up or relying too much on other to tell them what to do
10. Besides WoW, what other games do you enjoy? What MMORPGs have you playing?
SWTOR, Only one worth mentioning

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