Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview with Unnatural class leaders. Part 4

Meet Death Knight Class leader Zaritha, aka Xaritha :)

 1. Could you introduce yourself (name, age, class, rl-job) ?
Hello, my name is Juha. I’m 27 yo and atm I work as dental x-ray -machine builder but my job will soon change into testing and calibrating the ready machines with various computer programs. My main character in WoW is DK Zaritha (Xaritha on Stormreaver). 

 2. Tell us about when you started playing wow and how it was back then? 
 I started playing wow during WotLK Ulduar patch. Before that I had played only WoW tcg (trading card game) and I didn’t know much about the game lore or the game itself nor had I played any other MMORPGs. My first character was belf rogue on Jaedenar server. I remember wandering around the WoW world and being amazed with almost everything in the game. First time I visited Undercity I got completely lost and I would propably still be running around it’s corridors if one my friends hadn’t come to help me get out of there. I was a total noob but I got lots of help from my friends and also from total strangers that I met while playing which was a really positive experience. 

 3. Why did you choose your class? 
 After playing a little while time with my rogue and listening epic raid stories told by my friends I decided that I would like to start raiding as well. Belakhost and Muiriss were playing in Unnatural back then and wanted to play with them. That meant I needed to create another character to SSL. After pondering about what character to make I ended up choosing DK as they seemed interesting to play and were fast to level. After leveling my DK and finally getting Army of the Dead I was in love with the class. 

 4. Do you remember any funny “fail” moments?
 Lots of fail moments, some of which are too embarrassing to be told. Lets just say that when I was leveling my rogue and for some time after that I didn’t use any poisons as I didn’t find their meager damage usefull at all. 

5. Please describe how you prepare for progress raids?
 Before login in I look through MMO-Champion site if any hotfix changes have been made to the raid. If it’s first time on a specific boss, I look through internet for boss guides and try to find out class specific tips on EJ. I usually check if DBM has been updated and also take care of IRL stuff that might disturb me during the raid. After login in I make sure that all my gear is at 100% durability and that I have at least two stacks of potions. Atm I’m also taking care of guild feasts so I prepare them before the raid.

6. How important are addons for you (DBM, recount, custom GUI, etc.) ?
 I wouldn’t be able to play without my addons =D I use DBM for boss mechanic timers and Omen for threat tracking. I use Shadowed UI, Magic Runes, Quartz and Dominos to customize my UI in a way that all the important stuff (my runes, CDs, target, dot timers, etc.) are in one place of the screen so that I can find the relevant information faster. Blood Shield Tracker does what the name implies while I’m tanking. Recount helps me with testing of different specs on Dummies and offers specific information about deaths during raids. 

7. From your point of view: What makes up a good wow player?
 Person who prepares in advance and doesn’t give up, no matter what. That person must have a will to always improve his/her performance, even if he/she is already best at something. And most importantly that person must enjoy the game. 

 8. If you could change three things in wow, what would these be?
 I would allow flying in Azeroth’s TBC zones (draenei and belf areas). I would bring back old lv60 Naxxramas as a Cavern’s of Time instance and I would create new end boss for Cataclysm which would be Kael’thas riding Anub’arak (“Magister’s Terrace was merely a setback!!!”) 

 9. What do you think about the recent changes for your class?
 I like the state of DKs atm. Their dps is on average level when compared to other classes and the changed made to DK tanking in 4.3 made us really op in that area. Blizzard also finally fixed the bug that prevented unholy DK’s ghoul benefitting from crit. 

10. Does performance and seriousness other players in guild satisfies your expectations?
 Short answer, yes. It’s really important that people can focus and perform their best during raids. Seriousness also has it’s place in raids but it must be balanced by equal amount of fun off the raids and during breaks. If playing becomes too serious and you stop enjoying the game you might as well find something else to do with your time. 

11. Besides wow, what other games do you enjoy?
 What MMORPGs have you playing Atm I’m playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which is an awesome game. I also play LoL and SC2 sometimes. I haven’t played any other MMORPGs as WoW is already taking up much of my free time =) 
 Hehehe nice answers. Thank you for your time Juha.

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